29 March 2011

Evil When I Do Handstands (version 1)

The song name, track number and number of times the riff is repeated was inspired by the T-shirt.  The number of bars was just a coincidence.

I also added a video of how to play the riff.

And obviously the song

Evil When I Do Handstands (version 1) by badatcounting


Somewhere in the middle of this riff I forget that I have just listened to it "9" times.

21 March 2011

Thank You Ramfest 2011 (version 1)

What a great sunday afternoon.

Thank You Ramfest 2011 (version 1) by badatcounting


Also thank you Karel Schmidt for introducing me to dubstep - Dubstep Tutorial .
Finally thank you to Justin@WinkSound.com for a tutorial on the wobble bass - Wobble Bass Tutorial for Pro Tools .
I was actually searching for a youtube video on how to make a direct input bass sound better, which I eventually found - Getting A Good Direct Input Bass .

03 March 2011

Stargazer (version 2) (feat Johan Voster)

Thank you to Johan Voster for adding real drums to Stargazer (version 2)


I do not have a great collection of song attempts yet, but if you think you would like to collaborate by adding a different perspective to a song, feel free to drop me a mail.  I'll send you the tracks for the separate instruments if needed.
I am also open to collaborating on one of your songs or we can develop a new song together.

14 February 2011

Stargazer (version 1)

"A song is never finished only abandoned" - aKing (Know Your Bones)
Sounds like all the code I have ever written.
Thanks to a totally flawed argument, my songs will have versioning.

Also, it might be interesting to share how a song evolves.

Stargazer (version 1) by badatcounting


07 February 2011

Ringtone for a Hero

Follow this web log if would like to stay up to date with Zero or One, I'm Bad at Counting's failed attempts at making music.

I am still teaching myself how to record, but two hours of playing with Pro Tools, Eleven Rack and the Xpand2 plugin produced a possible ringtone or 16 seconds of your life you will never get back. Hope you enjoy.

Ringtone for a Hero by badatcounting